Can you still get a green job in this economy? Tony shares his perspective. (Video: Nick Scott/MNN, Ashley Chase/MNN)



Tony: The situation where we find ourselves is an interesting one, economically speaking, as a country. America is innovative. We are an innovative people. We have a work ethic. We have that, is it Calvinistic work ethic? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a Protestant work ethic. We can not, not work. And so what’s happening is that people are becoming innovative in how they look at sustainability, how they look at going green, how they look at X, Y and Z. So that’s what makes, I think this opportunity, or this challenge an opportunity for us in the green movement. Because you can do everything as a green angle or green focus, or a green lens. That is a ridiculous conversation and statement. I love how people say, “Oh this is gonna cost us more money.” Or it just would not. That’s completely false. Sustainable development is an area where there is a lot of potential. It has a lot of potential there. It creates jobs. The development R&D has a domino on the back end. We have to retrofit the entire country, which creates jobs, which keeps the economy going.