Confused about what a green job is? Find out from our green job guru, Tony Anderson. (Ashley Chase, Nick Scott/MNN)



Tony: What is a green job? I don’t know. I think the consensus of that hasn’t really been told well. But that’s what’s awesome, and I think that’s what’s really great about the work, because it allows us to build into what actually a green job is. By default we think a green job is a constantly evolving term of art. So it’s a blue-collared job or blue-collared employment that ultimately has been upgraded to fit into, let’s say, the environmental sector. We think that’s what a blue-collared job is, or a green-collared job is. But we think it can also grow to a few other caveats, as well. Electricians, plumbers, students installing light bulbs. Each of these industries are connoted with being blue-collar. But again, if it has that environmental-friendly, or environmental twist, that’s what kind of defines it as a green-collared job. We think the green-collar job is a family-supporting, career-focused employment. So the idea is that you have a place where you start, but you can make a living wage with it.