Twitter is a great place for information (and misinformation) and if you’re interested in personal finance, check out these 25 must-follow feeds. Some of the accounts on the list are personal finance experts while others are popular personal finance websites and the information presented varies. Some of the accounts focus on getting out of debt while others are more investment-focused. As a whole, though, the accounts on the list cover all aspects of personal finance.

  1. Dave Ramsey - @DaveRamsey
  2. Suze Orman - @SuzeOrmanShow
  3. Clark Howard - @ClarkHoward
  4. Ramit Sethi - @ramit
  5. Ali Velshi - @AliVelshi
  6. Howard Lindzon @howardlindzon
  7. Jim Cramer - @jimcramer
  8. Robert T. Kiyosaki - @theRealKiyosaki
  9. Carmen Wong Ulrich - @CarmenSense
  10. Wall Street Journal Personal Finance - @WSJpersfinance
  11. - @Bankrate
  12. MoneyCrashers - @MoneyCrashers
  13. Wise Bread - @wisebread
  14. The Motley Fool - @themotleyfool
  15. - @mint
  16. The Economist - @TheEconomist
  17. The Dave Ramsey Show - @RamseyShow
  18. Yahoo Finance - @YahooFinance
  19. USA Today Money - @USATODAYmoney
  20. Money Magazine - @MONEY
  21. The Consumerist - @consumerist
  22. Daily Finance - @daily_finance
  23. Morningstar - @MorningstarInc
  24. StockTwits @StockTwits
  25. CNN Your Money - @CNNYourMoney
This list doesn’t include all of the most popular personal finance Twitter feeds but all 25 of these accounts are active. Some of the more popular experts and websites have neglected feeds and you can’t stay up-to-date with the latest in personal finance news if the Twitter feed isn’t regularly updated, right?

What are your favorite personal finance Twitter feeds?

25 must-follow personal finance Twitter feeds
Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Jim Cramer and other active Twitter accounts.