Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and after reading the results of a survey conducted by McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union, I think I’ve come up with a new gift idea for moms.  This is for all of you teens out there – give your mom the peace of mind that one day you will be able to hold down a job and live as a financially independent adult.  This gift won’t cost you any money but it is absolutely priceless.

The credit union conducted a survey of 300 mothers with children under the age of 18 and the results are a bit scary:

  • 49 percent believe their children are unprepared to get a job
  • 44 percent believe their children will not be able to finance college
  • 33 percent believe their children are "not at all prepared" to save money or live on their own
My oldest is 11 and I have full confidence that he will be able to get a job and live independently one day.  We talk about family finances often in our house and we have for years.  

In my opinion, the biggest hindrance to a young adult living as a financially independent individual is a lack of personal finance education.  This is why we started our kids on their financial education journey at a young age.

This isn’t just my opinion, though.  The experts at McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union agree.  "The benefits of teaching your children about money management can lead to a lifetime of good financial decisions," said McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union president and CEO Shawn Gilfedder.  "Teaching by example is a good place to start."

Money management skills taught at a young age are a key ingredient to a financially successful adult.  Simple things like talking about money and teaching kids how to budget will help set your children on the right path.

Do you talk to your kids about money?

49% of moms feel kids unprepared for a job
McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union conducted a survey of mothers about their children’s financial future.