If you’re a last minute filer, take a few minutes to browse through these free IRS resources to make sure you have everything you need before filing your taxes.

1. IRS Free File – If you meet certain criteria, including an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $57,000 or less, you may be eligible to file your 2011 federal return online for free. The IRS website has compiled a list of companies that participate in the IRS Free File program.

2. Interactive Tax Assistant – In addition to maintaining Free File resources, the IRS website also features an Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA). The online database covers several tax topics including credits, deductions, income and general filing questions.

3. Online Tax Payment System – Taxpayers that owe more in 2011 taxes than they paid in via payroll withholding can make a payment online through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

4. Refund Status – Taxpayers that overpaid in 2011 will be expecting a refund and the big question is, “when will I receive my refund?” The IRS has an interactive online tool that allows most taxpayers to instantly look up their refund status.

5. Online Withholding Calculator – After filing your taxes, complete the online withholding calculator to adjust your withholding for 2012. If you overpaid, it would be nice to receive a little extra money in your paycheck each month instead of letting the government borrow it interest-fee. If you underpaid, adjusting your withholding can help you avoid a surprise next April.

5 free IRS tax resources for last-minute filers
If you haven't filed your 2011 taxes yet, check out these free resources first.