After more than 20 years teaching middle-school students, my mom is retiring this year. She’s not only retiring, but she’s also embracing new technology – in this case, my old iPad. After I upgraded to the third generation iPad, I passed on my original iPad to my mom. Since I’m a loving and helpful daughter, I decided to do some research on popular retirement apps for the iPad and came up with a list of five must-have free retirement apps.


1. SmartMoney Retirement Planner

This free app allows you to map out your retirement investments and even forecast how much money you will have to support you in your golden years. Users can change their Social Security payouts, which may become a rather useful tool in the coming years as more political candidates plan to overhaul the Social Security system.


2. RetirePlan

RetirePlan is another app that helps you plan out the financial aspects of your retirement. The app is good for individuals who have already retired as well as those of us who are still saving for a future retirement. This is an information-rich yet straightforward and simple app that is easy to use.


3. Personal Finance is a great personal finance website and the free app is a must-have for anyone using Mint. Track all of your checking, credit, savings, debt and investment accounts in one easy-to-use application. Although this isn’t specific to retirement savings, it is a great personal finance tool for consumers of all ages.


4. TripIt

Perhaps the thought of a retired person gleefully traveling the world is a bit cliché, but if you’re planning to travel during your retirement then TripIt is a must-have app. TripIt allows you to organize your travel itineraries, share your travel plans with friends and family and even obtain real-time airport and flight information. The free version is ad-supported but has all of the functionality that the pro version has.


5. Skype

Keep in touch with friends, the kids and most importantly, the grandchildren, with Skype. Skype is cheaper than a phone call and certainly more entertaining. This is helpful for retired folks who live away from their families or those who are off on an adventure around the world.


If you’re retired and own an iPad, what are some of your favorite iPad apps?

5 free retirement apps for the iPad
Enjoy your golden years with these five retirement iPad apps.