When I joined Pinterest I was sucked into the crafty mom boards with the latest DIY projects and the foodies with their fantastic recipes.  I now have more ideas than I do time but what I’ve recently discovered is that there is more to Pinterest than recipes and crafts.  The site is a great resource for personal finance news and advice as well.  Here are five personal finance Pinterest boards that I recommend.

1. ImpulseSave Personal Finance

I’ve written about ImpulseSave.com before; the program encourages people to go from impulse shopper to impulse saver.  I was a bit surprised to learn that ImpulseSave.com has its own personal finance Pinterest board; smart social media savvy folks over there.  Pins on the board include helping your children grow up money smart and 5 steps to frugal fitness.

2. myFICO Money, Relationships & Family

The folks over at myFICO have several personal finance-related Pinterest boards but my favorite is the Money, Relationships & Family board.  Want to know how much it costs to keep a kitten or find out how to creatively save for a summer vacation?  If so, this myFICO Pinterest board is a must-follow.

3. Dave Ramsey’s Get Out of Debt!

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey has his own set of active Pinterest boards, including a board dedicated to getting out of debt.  If you’d like to pay off your credit cards, get rid of those student loans and start paying off your house, Dave Ramsey’s Pinterest board will give you the tools and motivation you need to succeed.

4. Michelle Keech - Personal Finance

I don’t just follow corporate Pinterest boards, I’m also a fan of several individual boards, including Michelle Keech’s board.  Michelle is an active Pinterest user with 22 boards, including her personal finance board.  Topics pinned include several Schoolhouse Rock money videos and college dorm decorations on a dime.

5. Jacob Irwin’s Personal Finance Journey

Jacob Irwin’s personal finance Pinterest board is another individually operated board.  His board is one of the newer ones that I follow but he’s pretty active and shares posts from a bevy of personal finance websites.  Pins on the board include life after bankruptcy and 10 ways to save $100 this week.

If you have a favorite personal finance-themed Pinterest board, leave a comment below with the link so I can check it out.

5 personal finance Pinterest boards to follow
Think Pinterest is just for recipes and crafts? Think again; keep up to date with the latest in personal finance on Pinterest by following these five boards.