Carsharing and carpooling can save you money – by reducing your fuel budget, reducing the wear-and-tear on your vehicle, or eliminating the need for a vehicle altogether.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a car sharing service or setup a carpool, but with these seven iPhone apps, the process is much easier.

1. Carpool – School Edition

Do you need to setup a carpool to school or to your daughter’s ballet class? With Carpool School Edition you can setup the carpool, form groups with other parents and schedule the trips. Never again will you wonder if today is your day to drive the kids to dance class.

2. Hertz On Demand 24/7

Hertz On Demand launched in 2011 and the program has now expanded to offer short-term car rentals at more than 500 international locations. Browse through available vehicles directly from your iPhone and reserve the one you want, whether you need it for an hour, 24 hours or more.

3. Lyft: On-Demand Ridesharing

Lyft is another on-demand app, except this app operates like more of a social media service. When you request a ride via Lyft, a background-checked local driver will pick you up and deliver you to your desired location. If you are happy with the service, make a donation directly to the driver. The Lyft service is currently available in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  

4. Ridejoy

Ridejoy is similar to Lyft in that it is a community-supported ridesharing system. Simply post a ride offer or request, wait for another Ridejoy user to respond, then off you go. This is particularly helpful if you’re planning a road-trip and don’t have wheels of your own.

5. Ridezu

Want to save money and time during your commute to work? If so, check out Ridezu. This is another social platform that connects commuters. If you have a car and want to take advantage of the car pool lane during rush hour traffic, post your trip details and wait for another user to respond.  

6. Zipcar

Zipcar was the first carsharing service I heard of, and I immediately loved the idea; too bad it wasn’t around 20 years ago when I was a car-less college student! Naturally, Zipcar has an app that lets you find a vehicle by location.  The app will show you the vehicle’s price and availability and you can book it right from your phone.

7. SideCar Ride

SideCar Ride also captures the essence of social media and applies it to car sharing. The app connects consumers that need a ride with vetted drivers. Payments are voluntary and billed to your credit card through the app.  SideCar Ride is available in both San Francisco and Seattle with the addition of new markets planned for a future expansion.

7 carsharing and carpooling iPhone apps
Save money and reduce your carbon footprint when you use one of these 7 apps to organize a carpool or book a carshare ride.