I have been using an iPhone since shortly after its initial release. I am a fan of the phone and the plethora of apps that are available, so I always keep my eye on app-related news. Yesterday I saw a piece about Gigwalk on CNN.com. Gigwalk basically lets you make money with your iPhone.

You download the app and it will help you find a “gig” in your area. For example, taking a picture of a busy intersection, a restaurant menu or the front of a popular store — any task that needs doing. These tasks are a great way to earn a little extra money and you will be sharing needed information with whoever posted the gig.

Gigwalk is also a great tool for small businesses. Check out this video from the company to learn more about how you can implement Gigwalk technology into your business model.

Photo: Gigwalk

An iPhone app that pays you
Find moneymaking opportunities near you with Gigwalk.