I’ve been in a money-saving mood this week so as I head into the weekend, I'm sharing some of my favorite budgeting and personal finance-related stories from the past week.


Save money by planting an edible garden

I admit, I have a brown thumb and I’m envious of anyone who can garden. While I love looking at beautiful flowers, I find myself more jealous of edible gardens. On Thursday, MNN posted a story about how a 100-square-foot edible garden can reduce your grocery bills by $1,000 in a year. I really must learn how to garden.


Getting the most bang for your financial-aid buck

High school seniors across the country are donning their caps and gowns this month with many looking forward to starting college in the fall. This means that parents and in some cases the students themselves are trying to figure out how to pay for college. Jean Chatzky helps readers get the most bang for their financial-aid buck in her DailyFinance article.


Budgets fix money problems

My favorite quote from this article is “More money never fixes money problems — budgets fix money problems.” This is so true. More money without an appropriate plan for that money, aka a budget, just means bigger money problems. Budgeting really isn’t a dirty word and creating a budget is easier than you think.


Mortgage rates hit another new low

If you’re in the market for a new home or considering a refinance, now might be a good time to get the process started. The 30-year interest rate has dropped to 3.84 percent and the 15-year rate is only 3.07 percent.


Best things to buy this month

Are you waiting for a good sale on coffeemakers? If so, now may be the time to buy, according to this MoneyWatch article. Why? Because Mother’s Day is this month and evidently coffeemakers are a hot Mother’s Day gift item. It’s also a good time to by a new mattress, but this has nothing to do with Mother’s Day. Memorial Day sales let stores clear out old mattresses and make room for the new ones.

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