If shopping is on your agenda this 4th of July week, then I challenge you to buy American made products. The ‘4 Days 4 America’ challenge encourages consumers to pledge to buy four ‘Made in America’ products between now and Thursday, July 4. This week’s challenge is one of several Buy American events that the 4 Days 4 America organization hosts each year.

Buying American-made products keeps your hard-earned dollars here at home, which ultimately improves our nation’s economy. Although the United States has come a long ways since The Great Recession, we still have a long economic recovery road ahead of us.

NoNetz is one of many companies participating in this year’s event. I first introduced you to NoNetz in February; a trio of sisters founded the swimwear company that focuses on American-sourced materials for an American-made product.

Kym Timpano, NoNetz CEO, explained why the company is participating in the challenge, “We are participating in the 4 Days 4 America challenge because we feel strongly that in this time of economic crisis Americans need to become more aware of not just how they spend their money but WHERE they spend it.”

Made in America companies are only half of the equation though; in order for this challenge to be successful, consumers have to pledge to buy four American-made products in four days. I asked Timpano why consumers should make the pledge and step up to the challenge:

“Each person that participates in the challenge is making a conscious decision to keep their money here in America and support their local communities as well as our standard of living. It is our hope that if more people realize that buying American made products really does help save jobs and support families, then maybe we can start to re-build our economy one neighborhood at a time. We are really just hoping to raise awareness.”

For more information on the challenge or to find a list of Made in America companies, visit 4Days4America.com.

Buy American this 4th of July
The '4 Days 4 America' challenge kicks off today.