It’s that time of year again. The time of year when shoppers waiting in line for the best bargains often bring out the worst in each other. Stories of trampled shoppers, fistfights and more are shared alongside stories of $1 DVDs and $5 board games. Yes, I’m describing Black Friday. This year I challenge you to take a stand against consumerism, skip the Black Friday sales and honor Buy Nothing Day instead.

Buy Nothing Day is November 27 but the organization behind the movement, AdBusters, wants you to turn a 24-hour statement against rampant consumerism into an entire Buy Nothing Christmas. Buy Nothing Day has been active for more than two decades but last year AdBusters changed it up a bit and aligned the day with Occupy Wall Street and the #OccupyXmas movement was born.

“Go cold turkey from consumer culture completely! Like those who have accepted this magical invitation before you, you may be rewarded with a life-changing shift of perspective – a glimpse into how to consume less and live more on this precarious Planet of ours … And then take the next step, stretch out the joy of Buy Nothing Day by getting your family together and deciding to celebrate Xmas differently this year.” Source: AdBusters

I’ve participated in Buy Nothing Day several times but I’ve never managed to go all out and celebrate a no-gift Christmas. Instead, I try to shop locally owned small business and give gifts of experience and time instead of just consumable items.

This year I will do the same, skip the shopping malls again and cozy up with my family on the Friday after Thanksgiving. How about you? Will you be a willing Buy Nothing Day participant or an #OccupyXmas supporter?

Photo: AdBusters

Buy Nothing Day 2012 is November 27
Take a stand against consumerism, skip the Black Friday sales and honor Buy Nothing Day.