It’s back-to-school season and that means that school and office supplies spending is up, which makes retailers rejoice. Big box and office supply stores aren’t the only businesses benefiting from this back-to-school shopping season, dating service companies also have a reason to celebrate. According to a recent study from Cardlytics, it seems that single parents are celebrating the new school year by renewing their search for a partner. 

At first glance, it sounds a bit odd that an increase in dating service spending would be tied to back-to-school shopping, but it makes sense. The kids are back in school so single parents have more ‘me’ time. Other businesses that also saw a spike in sales include nail salons and beauty spas. Again, this makes sense. The kids are in school so now mom or dad has time to get gussied up and find a new dating partner. 

In addition to pens, pencils, binders, and dating and personal care services, spending was also up at vision centers, amusement parks, golf courses and pizza joints. No surprises here. The kids need new glasses, families want to celebrate the end of summer break with a trip to the amusement park or a round of golf, and the busy first week of school sent many families to the local pizza restaurant for a quick dinner.

Our school district operates on a modified year-round schedule so our first-day of school was on July 22. Looking back at our spending during that time period I see that in many ways, our family was typical. My daughter and I visited the local beauty salon for pedicures, both of my children had appointments with the eye doctor and yes, we did order pizza delivery that first week. Since I’m happily married, though, I didn’t call up the local dating service.

The data gathered by Cardlytics is quite comprehensive. According to the company, the results were based on Cardlytics’ “insights into 70% of American household spending through its network of nearly 400 banks, including Bank of America, PNC and Regions Bank.”  

Did your spending habits mirror the results from the Cardlytics’ study?

Dating service spending up this back-to-school season
As kids head back to school, single parents are hitting the dating scene again.