I have a smartphone and on that smartphone I have a mobile banking app. Although I tend to think of myself as ahead of the technology-adopting curve, it turns out I’m in good company with my use of mobile banking. According to Intuit Financial Services’ Fourth Annual Financial Management Survey nearly one in four Americans use their mobile phone for banking needs.


Naturally Gen Y, those aged 18-32, have the highest adoption rate of mobile banking technology with 48 percent of survey respondents in this age group stating that they use mobile banking. Another 31 percent plan to try mobile banking in the coming year.


Generation X, my generation, comes in quite a bit behind our younger counterparts with only 31 percent adopting mobile banking technology and 22 percent planning to try it in 2012.


The technology is not lost on my elders, though — 12 percent of boomers and 3 percent of seniors use their smartphones for banking, whether it is accessing an online account or using a banking app.


While the adoption usage rates vary greatly between age groups, the gender gap is much smaller. Intuit reports that 21 percent of women currently use mobile banking and 17 percent plan to try it in 2012. The adoption rate among men is only slightly higher at 25 percent with 18 percent planning to test it out in the future.


If you’d like to learn more about the survey, tune in today to the Banking.com Twitter Town Hall at 1 p.m. EST.


Now that you know my mobile banking habits as well as those of the general public, it's time to share yours. If you have a smartphone, do you use it for banking needs?

Do you use a mobile banking app?
A new survey reveals that more consumers are using their smartphones for banking functions.