The tech world and the financial world are colliding in one very big and very exciting initial public offering (IPO). Tomorrow, social media giant Facebook will be going public with a $38 per share IPO price. The Facebook IPO has the financial world in a twitter (yes, I said twitter) about the valuation of the social media company and whether everyday folks like you and I are going to be able to get a piece of the action.

For the past two weeks I’ve heard about the Facebook IPO on a daily basis. Who is buying it? Who is skipping? Is it worth the estimated $16 billion that will be raised at $38/share? Can everyday investors buy IPO shares?

Now here we are, the eve of what is undoubtedly going to be the largest tech IPO in history and what is likely to be the third largest IPO ever and Facebook is dominating the financial headlines.’s lead story reads “Facebook’s IPO price: $38 per share.” The front and center headline on is “It’s Official: Facebook Prices 421M Shares at $38 Each.” My headline is similar, “Facebook IPO shares set at $38.” Yes, even I’m excited about an IPO that I’m not even participating in, at least not directly.

Are you also excited about the Facebook IPO?

Facebook IPO shares set at $38
The financial world is in a twitter about the Facebook IPO.