You may think of this Friday, November 25 as Black Friday but last week I encouraged you to think of it a little differently this year. Instead of heading out before dawn to hang out with thousands of strangers, skip the lines and participate in Buy Nothing Day.


The article was quite popular with the MNN Facebook crowd, here are just a few examples of what MNN readers think about Buy Nothing Day.


Caralien - “I'm going to the beach with our daughter. No way would we ever submit ourselves to that kind of frenzy.”


If I had to choose a day at the beach or a day cooped up inside a store with hundreds or even thousands of frenzied shoppers I know what choice I’d pick – the beach! What about you?


Nancy – “Going for a hike with the dog and's such a waste of time to get involved with such a thing.”


Great way to work off the Thanksgiving feast!


John – “Consumer spending drives our economy. Choose wisely, but please do shop.”


I agree John but read on for a way that you can participate in Buy Nothing Day while also stimulating your local economy.


EcoSet Consulting – “Small Business Saturday! Viva la revolution!”


Tracy – “Saturday, the day after Black Friday, is Small Business Saturday. I'd rather shop then - and there.”


A great alternative indeed! Check out my post about Small Business Saturday, which includes some information specific to Portland, Oregon shoppers, for more information.


Now it is your turn to chime in, are you participating in Buy Nothing Day? What about Small Business Saturday?

Follow-up: Buy Nothing Day
A look at what MNN readers have planned for Buy Nothing Day.