On New Year’s Eve I shared my personal finance goals for 2013.  This year I want to increase my retirement savings to 15 percent of my income, have a will and related documentation finalized, and reduce both my energy costs and my grocery budget by 10 percent.

These aren’t all of my financial goals for the year, though.  As I close in on my 40th birthday I’ve begun to realize that I need to be more methodical with my personal finance decisions.  I know I’ve still got decades before the official retirement age but I want to take full advantage of compounding interest and so the more I can sock away now, the better.

After sharing my personal finance goals I asked for input from MNN readers.  Here’s what a few of them had to say about their personal finance goals for 2013.

Robin: “Finances is a top priority for this year in our family. It's just time to get our act together and use our financial resources more intelligently. One of the things I'm looking at doing is starting an investment club with some friends.”

Kerri: “Paying off the remainder of old debt that's followed us for over 5 years. We're close!”

Dawn: “We will be saving for our new house. We've done brilliantly so far, but have come to the realization that we really live pretty close to our means. Saving for the house will mean all our life savings will get used, so when we move in the spring we will be working hard on living further below our means and replenishing our savings.”

Kathy: “Paying down credit cards.”

Good luck ladies!

Follow up: Personal finance goals for 2013
MNN readers share their personal finance goals for the New Year.