Green banking seems to get more popular each year. Several articles have been published this week alone, so today is a good time to catch up on the latest in eco-friendly banking news.

  • If you’re new to eco-conscious banking, check out’s 5 green banking tips to save the planet.
  • Green banking isn’t a growing trend only in the United States; countries around the world are getting in on the action as well. Check out the green banking expansion planned by the State Bank of India.
  • Two Chicago-area bankers have opened a new eco-friendly bank, GreenChoice Bank, after the local bank they worked for was purchased by a large chain. I love it!
  • The National Bank of Abu Dhabi installed a new solar-powered ATM machine in the UAE — way to take advantage of the desert sun.
  • TD Bank is working on opening the first net-zero energy bank branch in the United States. The branch, located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is expected to open in May.
Are you an eco-friendly bank customer? If not get started today with one simple step — convert to electronic statements. This little step can reduce your environmental impact and serve as the impetus for more green banking choices in the future.