Less than a day after I wrote about the Checkout 51 app that’s a simple way to earn cash back on groceries, I discovered Groupon’s new app, Snap. Launched just last week, Snap seems identical to Checkout 51 to me. The products consumers can earn cash back on may be different, but the way they work are the same.

After downloading the app, users can take a look at the offers. They range from any brand of milk or produce to specific brand packaged foods and household products. After shopping at any store, users take a photo of their receipt, check off the items on the app that they purchased, and submit within two days of purchase.

There are currently 40 offers on Snap, but some of them are “all gone,” having reached a pre-set limit as to how many people could redeem them. And again, like Checkout 51, the majority of the offers are for prepackaged foods. Some of the initial offerings were good for me — any loaf of bread, bananas, any brand of milk, apples, lettuce and green beans.

So far, I’ve earned $2.75 back. In order to actually get the cash, users need to accumulate $20 before they can request a check sent to their house.

Shoppers can double dip with the different savings apps, so even though this works exactly like another savings app, it’s beneficial to have them both. They mostly offer savings on different products, but this week, both Checkout 51 and Snap offer cash back on bananas. I was able to take photos of the same receipt for both apps and get money added to my cash back balance in both Checkout 51 and Snap.

I always like to make it a point to say that these grocery apps, as well as grocery coupons, shouldn’t dictate the foods and products you buy. If your goal is to eat real, natural food, you won't find a plethora of offers with apps or physical coupons, but you can put a small dent in your grocery budget.

I look at it like this: If I can save a few dollars every week this way, it helps offset the higher cost of buying organic meat or milk, and every little bit helps.

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