Last year, we made more than our normal amount of trips to Goodwill with the back of the minivan full because we were doing a lot of work on the house. The purging felt so good. I was even good about keeping track of everything we donated and stapling the Goodwill receipts to each list.

I was very happy when I discovered the iDonatedIt app ($2.99) for Apple devices that helps to track and value your non-cash charitable donations. It was an enormous help in determining the value of all the kitchen items, kids’ clothes, furniture and more that we donated in 2012.

April 15 is quickly coming up, so I thought if you haven’t done your taxes yet, you’d want to know about this app.

  • iDonatedIt tracks the date you donated non-cash items to a charity, the charity you donated items to, the items you donated, and the fair market value of those items.
  • iDonatedIt builds lists of the items you donate and allows you to keep a permanent record of the items you donated that meet the compliance requirement of the IRS.
  • iDonatedIt lets you attach a photo to your donation list to document your donation.
  • iDonatedIt allows you to e-mail the detailed donation report to yourself or to your accountant.
I was pleased to find the choices for donations very thorough, particularly for the clothing. The IRS allows a different amount, for instance for women’s jeans or slacks, and the app covers both. There are many options for children’s clothes with specifics like tights/leggings and snowsuits.

Of course, not everything can be in the app. The cross-stitch supplies I finally admitted I wasn’t going to use again (the last thing I cross stitched was a baby announcement for my nephew who is a senior in high school) weren’t there. But almost everything else was.

The only glitch I found in the app was that every time I tried to add a date, the app closed on me. I was never able to add a date in the date section, but I got around that by adding the date donated in the charity name section like this, “Goodwill, July 25, 2012.”

I like the option of taking a photo and keeping it with the information. I’ll have to start doing that with this year’s donations. And, since the app is now on my phone, if I’m organized enough, I can do the work after each donation throughout the year instead of waiting to do a whole year’s worth in one afternoon.

The app gives you the option of choosing the condition of the item you’ve donated, and the amount it assigns to it will change with the condition of the item.

The disclaimer. I’m not a tax expert. I can’t promise you that the IRS will accept the amount that the iDonatedIt app assigns to each item. Please do not take this as expert tax advice. If you chose to use the iDonatedIt app, I’ll pass on the words of the app’s disclaimer. “The user assumes all responsibility I the event the values used herein are challenged by the Internal Revenue Service.” 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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