Christmas is about two weeks away and this makes retailers happy. The second Monday in December has been dubbed Green Monday because shoppers begin to realize that time is running out; now is the time to buy gifts online so they will ship in time for the big day.  


Last year, online shopping sites posted a record $1.1 billion in sales, but that record may be broken this year. So what will people be buying on Green Monday? recently conducted a survey of 2,059 adults and with one-third of the votes cast, the most-wanted gift item this year is clothing.  


Top 10 most wanted gifts 

  1. Clothing (33 percent)
  2. Vacation (28 percent)
  3. Laptop (20 percent)
  4. Tablet (18 percent)
  5. Android/iPhone/Smartphone (17 percent)
  6. Jewelry (17 percent)
  7. Homemade gift (16 percent)
  8. Spa day (16 percent)
  9. Sporting event tickets (13 percent)
  10. E-reader (8 percent)

My favorite on this list is homemade gifts. I’m far from crafty, but I do enjoy baking treats for friends and family.  Baked goods are just one of the ideas on this MNN list of 10 elegant, inexpensive, homemade holiday gift ideas.  


Are you planning to log on to do some holiday shopping today or will you get crafty and make your own gifts for friends and family?


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It's Green Monday 2012!
The second Monday in December is often one of the busiest online shopping days of the season.