The Secret Millionaires Club presents the sometimes-difficult topic of personal finance to children in a fun and easy-to-follow manner. The online cartoon series includes tips from billionaire Warren Buffett, who also adds his voice to the show.  Yesterday, three children and five teams of students had the opportunity of a lifetime; they were able to pitch their business ideas to Buffett as part of the 2nd annual ‘Grow Your Business Challenge.’

Finalists in the nationwide contest didn’t just get to pitch their ideas to Buffett, they each received 10 Class B shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock.  The teachers were also included in this year’s stock bonanza; Buffet awarded each of the sponsoring teachers 10 shares of stock as well.

So, what kind of ideas were these students pitching to Buffett?  The winning idea in the individual contest was a device that helps students with their handwriting.  The idea came from a 9 year-old Cincinnati boy and his teacher just so happens to be his mom; Matthew is homeschooled. 

Matthew, who was the youngest finalist in this year’s contest, explains why he decided to create the product:

“I created the Write-Right to help me "brain train" how to hold my pencil correctly. "Brain Training" is learning how to do something the right way. I hated to write, and part of that was because it hurt my hand and arm. I have learning problems that makes spelling, handwriting and writing my thoughts down very hard. I also was embarrassed because my handwriting was ugly. I used the Right-Writer for two months whenever I wrote, and now my handwriting is so much better. The Write-Right is a wrist band with an elastic band finger holder. It holds down the pinky and ring fingers, so that you only use your thumb, pointer and middle fingers to hold your pencil. It helps you to remember that your handwriting is important and that you should be paying attention to the way you hold your pencil and form your letters. I would like to start selling this to my Occupational Therapist and the other therapists at her office. My mom will help me make a plan to sell them online in an Etsy store to start with.”  Source: Secret Millionaires Club

Handwriting is a big challenge for my oldest and he’s at the age now where his occupational therapist recommended we add an accommodation to his IEP that allows him to type all of his assignments.  Handwriting may sound like a simple task but for children that have difficulties with fine motor skills, it is not only challenging but writing can be a source of extreme frustration.  If the Write-Right helped Matthew with his handwriting, I am sure it will help many other children.

Learn more about the contest finalists and their ideas by visiting the Secret Millionaires Club Learn & Earn website.

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Kids pitch Buffett, win Berkshire shares
A group of kids had the opportunity of a lifetime, pitching their business ideas to billionaire Warren Buffett.