New research has found that moms are the becoming the primary breadwinners in America's workforce. In a record 40 percent of households with children, moms are the top earners for their families. Compare that to the 11 percent of moms who were the main wage earners in the family in 1960.

The findings, released today by the Pew Research Center, highlight the growing influence of working moms who are no longer working just for some extra spending money — they are working to pay the bills and support the family. While most of these families are headed by single mothers, a growing number of primary breadwinners are married mothers who bring in more income than their husbands.

One odd/interesting side note of this study is that it also found that the general public is not at all sure that having more working mothers is a good thing.  

But,like it or not, many working mothers simply don't have a choice. And the ones who do probably don't care if the general public approves. What all of this really boils down to is that issues such as childcare, maternity leave and equal pay are about to gain even more attention, particularly from moms who are struggling to raise kids and keep food on the table.

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Moms becoming top earners in the family
New research reveals that moms are now the primary breadwinners in 40 percent of American families.