Yesterday, I gave you a list of coupon and brand websites that are great resources of organic and natural coupons. The post got rather long, so I created a second post with some additional online resources.


Some really nice people spend a lot of time hunting down coupons and deals on organic and natural foods, and then they post what they find.

  • Organic Deals Blog – This is a great website that I discovered only recently. The blog seems to be updated several times a day with coupon resources, tips on where to combine specific coupons with specific sales to get the best bang for your buck, and links to freebies. They also seem to scour Groupons from all across the country to find ones that are good for organics. I made sure to like them on Facebook so that every time a new deal is put on their blog, it pops up in my Facebook stream.
  • $5 Dinners – This blog lists all sorts of coupon deals, not just organic or natural coupons. But, if you keep an eye on it, every once in a while you’ll get a tip on some great coupons. The blog also has recipes and money saving tips.
Grocery store websites

Many grocery stores offer coupons that are only good in their own store. I can’t track down every store out there, so if you’re store isn’t listed here, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer coupons.

  • Whole Foods – Printable coupons that also appear in Whole Food’s “The Whole Deal” value guide.
  • Publix – Most of the coupons are for conventional products, but once in a while there will be one for an organic or natural item.
  • Walmart – If you grocery shop at Walmart, you might find a coupon or two here for something you need.

There are some smartphone apps that will send coupons to your printer or load them directly onto your grocery store club card.

  • Grocery IQ – I reviewed this free app for the iPhone sometime ago. It’s also available for the iPad and Android. It keeps your grocery list for you, and it also has a coupon function.
  • – This free app is from the same people who created the website. The app is only available for the iPhone and iPad and allows you to print coupons or add them to your grocery store club card.
  • Cellfire – The Cellfire app allows you to choose a grocery store near you and then put coupons right onto your grocery store club card. At the moment, there does not seem to be any coupons that I’d be interested in adding to my club card, but I imagine the coupons change from time to time. It only takes a minute to check it out, so it’s worth a look into. 
Other sources

Don’t overlook good, old-fashioned printed coupons. Most Sunday papers still have coupon sections. Grocery stores have those little shelf coupon holders — once in a while you might find a desirable coupon in there. I shop at Wegman’s, and they have a monthly free magazine in the organic foods section that usually has two or three coupons in it. Women’s magazines, food magazines and health magazines often have coupons on the advertising pages.

Okay, I know I’ve probably missed some great sites, and you’re dying to let me know what they are. I’d be more than happy to do a reader’s choice post if I can get at least five legitimate online resourced for grocery store coupons that I’ve missed in today’s or yesterday’s post. 

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