The $100 note received a facelift in 2010 but due to production issues, the release of the bill has been delayed for years.  Yesterday, the Federal Reserve announced that a release date had finally been scheduled.  On October 8, 2013, the new $100 note will enter circulation.

Security features include on the new $100 bill include:

  • Blue, three-dimensional security ribbon – As you tilt the bill back and forth, the bells in the blue ribbon will change to 100s.  The images will also move back and forth if you tilt the bill side to side and vice versa.  
  • Bell in the inkwell – The new bill also includes a color-shifting bell inside the copper-colored inkwell; as you tilt the bill, the bell changes from copper to green.
  • Portrait watermark – There is a new Benjamin on the $100 bill.  In addition to the primary image of Benjamin Franklin, an additional Benjamin Franklin watermark can be found in the blank space to the right of his portrait.
  • Raised printing – Benjamin Franklin now comes with added texture.  As you move your finger up and down his right shoulder (your left), you will feel a rough texture.
Although the official launch date is still several months away, the Federal Reserve has launched an entire campaign that will introduce the bill to the public as well as educate consumers and businesses about the bill’s features.  For more information, visit the website.
New $100 note begins circulation in October
After a multi-year delay, the Federal Reserve has announced that the newly redesigned $100 bill will enter circulation on October 8, 2013.