The holiday season is quickly approaching and for many families this is also budget-busting season. However, you don’t have to go over budget to have a great holiday season. The web is filled with a plethora of advice to help you trim costs this year and instead of sending you out there to find the information for yourself, I’ve decided to compile a best of the best post – the best money saving advice for the holiday season.


How to buy a cheaper holiday flight

If you’re planning on traveling by plane this year, check out this post for information on how you can trim your airfare costs.


Prepare for returns

Not everything you purchase will be a hit so now is the time to prepare for possible returns. Planning ahead for a future return will save you time and may just save you money, especially when more strict return policies are enforced in the post-holiday return rush.


Save more by shopping early

If you have a tendency to procrastinate then you need to read this article. Putting off your holiday shopping may be the one thing that busts your holiday budget.


18 tips for saving money on holiday shopping

Shopping online, checking for coupons and crossing yourself off of your holiday shopping list are just three of the 18 ideas listed in this post.


Inexpensive but not cheap

Reducing your holiday expenses doesn’t mean that you have to give cheap gifts. These six tips help you stay on budget while still giving useful and well-made gifts.


Shop locally

Shopping at your local, independently owned business may help you stay on budget this season. The Shift Your Shopping movement encourages consumers to keep their spending dollars in their community by visiting a local business instead of buying from national chain stores.


Holiday parties on a budget

Find out how to host a fabulous holiday party without busting your budget. Tips include using decorations that you already have and serving bite-sized desserts instead of full-sized fare.

News roundup: Save money during the holidays
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