The coupons for organic and natural coupons this month aren’t plentiful, but there are a few. And, if you combine them with coupon apps that give you extra money off on groceries or cash back, you can save a little more. Every little bit helps, especially this time of year.


  • Land O Lakes Brown Eggs $.55/1 (can be used on organic eggs)
  • Gerber Organic 2nd Foods $1.50/5
  • Sprout Organic Baby Foods $2/5
  • Recipe idea: Use the coupon for eggs to make My Grandmother’s Christmas Cookies, a recipe that requires cookie cutters.
From Mambo Sprouts
  • Melt Organic Spread $1/1
  • Back to Nature Item $1/1
  • Ellyndale Foods Oil $1/1
  • Plentils $1/1
  • Pure Organic Bars $1/2
  • Horizon Mac & Cheese or Snacks $1/2
  • Crunchmaster Crackers $1/1
  • Mackays Preserves $.50/1
  • Many others you may be interested in
  • Recipe idea: Buy coconut oil with the Ellyndale Foods Oil coupon and make The Easiest, Healthiest, Most Scrumptious Brownies Ever.
  • Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Sweeteners $1/1
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce (organic options) $.55/1
  • Star Olive Oil (organic options) $1/1
  • Florida Crystals Organic Sugar $.55/1
  • Lovely Candy $1/1
  • Recipe idea: Use one of the sugar coupons to make these Peanut Butter Granola Bars.
From Whole Foods (must be used at Whole Foods stores; there are more options at the site than what is listed below)
  • Alexia Product Sweet Potato Item $.75/1
  • Beyond Meat Pack $1/1
  • Refrigerated Immaculate Item $1/2
  • Organic Valley Soy Creamer $1/1
  • Imagine Products $2/2
  • Simply Organic Spice Bottles or Vanilla $1.50/2
  • Arrowhead Mills Baking Product $1/1
  • Green Mountain Gringo Salsa $1/1
Target (must be used at Target stores)
From manufacturer websites

These coupons are ready to print. You don’t need to sign up for any newsletters, provide personal information, or jump through any other hoops.

To find more manufacturers that offer online coupons but make you jump through a couple of hoops, check out Where to find coupons for natural and organic products.

Please remember that products labeled natural are loosely regulated. Some of them may contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

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