Much as I hate to admit it, it's time to start thinking about back to school. I'd love to not buy anything for the start of a new school year until the day before, but that's never a good idea. Store shelves will be empty, and I'll miss out on the savings I get from clipping coupons and matching them up with store specials. I've already bought much of the paper, pens, folders and other items on the long list of school supplies for both of my boys. Now, with this month's printable grocery coupons, there's an opportunity to save some money on the snacks I'll be putting in their lunch boxes.

There are plenty of coupons for healthier snacks and even drinks like single-serve organic milk or juice pouches in this month's offerings. In fact, most of the organic and natural coupons this month are for kid-friendly items to include in your healthy school lunches.

Target (must be used at Target stores)

  • Horizon Single-Serve Organic Milk 6 or 12 pack $1/1
  • Horizon Snacks, Buy One Get One Free
  • Food Should Taste Good Snacks $.75/1
  • Horizon Mac & Cheese $1.10/2
  • Larabar Bars $.75/3
  • Beech-Nut Organic Jars $1/3
  • Gerber Organic 2nd Food Pouches $1/5
  • Gerber Organic Pouches $1/4
  • Learn tips to save the most money at Target.

  • Horizon Snacks, Buy One Get One Free
  • Food Should Taste Good Chips $.75/1
  • Horizon Mac & Cheese $1/2
  • Horizon Single Serve Organic Milk 6 or 12 pack $1/1
  • Larabar Bars $.75/3
  • Gerber Organic Pouches $1/4
  • Plum Organics Kids Mashups Packs $1/2

Mambo Sprouts

  • Honest Fizz 6-pack $1/1
  • Life way Frozen Kefir $1/1
  • Sun Cups $1/2
  • Kits Organic Bars $.75/1
  • Ruby Rockets Veggie & Fruit Pops Buy One Get One Free
  • Organic Valley Sliced Cheese $1/1
  • Funley's Delicious $1/1
  • Pacific Foods Baked Beans or Refried Beans $1/1
  • Pacific Foods Polenta $1/1
  • Horizon Snacks $1/2
  • Back to Nature Product $1/1
  • Stonyfield Yogurt $1.25/2

Whole Foods (must be used at Whole Foods stores)

  • Barbara's Better Granola $1.50/2
  • Organic Valley Stringles 6-pac $1/1
  • Way Better Snacks $1/1
  • 365 Dried Fruits $.50/1
  • Whole Foods Organic Juice Blend $1/1
  • Stonyfield Yo Kids $1/2
  • Mary's Gone Crackers $1/1
  • Kashi Cereal $1/1
  • Honest Kids Juice $.50/1

Smart Source

  • GoGo SqueeZ $1/1
  • GoGo SqueeZ $1/2
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce (organic option) $.55/1
  • Seeds of Change, Get 1 Free (after taking short survey, coupon will be sent)
  • Earth Balance Mayo or Spread $1/1
  • Florida Crystals Organic Sugar $.55/1
  • Wholesome Sweetener $1/1

Note: Products labeled natural or all-natural are very loosely regulated. Some of them may contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

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Save money on back-to-school snacks and drinks
Start planning school lunches now by using these coupons for healthy lunchbox staples.