If you’re in a financial bind and don’t mind the prospect of sharing your story with the public, then MONEY magazine's financial makeover may be the perfect opportunity. The magazine is searching for families who are willing to share their financial woes with the public. Selected families will be paired with a professional financial planner and the stories will be printed in the January/February 2013 issue.


From the call for submissions:


“Along with your contact information please include a brief description of the challenge you're facing or the goal you're aiming for. Please also tell us about a little about your family's finances, including household income, assets and debts.”


That is a lot of personal information to share but without it, MONEY staffers can’t choose interesting candidates. Although I’m very private with my personal finances, I do enjoy stories like this. These are real people sharing their real problems and their stories may be helpful to those of us who aren’t as comfortable sharing private financial information.


Would you participate in a financial makeover that could potentially be shared with millions of readers?


Photo: 401(K) 2012/Flickr

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MONEY magazine is searching for families to participate in a financial makeover for an upcoming issue.