Summer is here and that means that parents are finding ways to keep their kids busy until school starts again. Tuition and entrance fees for swim lessons, amusement parks, art camps and more can add up quickly. According to the newest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker survey, the average amount spent on summertime activities this year is $601 per child.


When family income is taken into account, affluent families spend an average of $1,116 per child for summer activities. For survey purposes, affluent families are identified as those earning more than $100,000 per year. This disparity between the average American family and affluent families continues when the spending is broken down into specific categories.


  • Day trips: $208 average cost per child vs. $341 for affluent families
  • Sports participation: $180 vs. $262
  • Educational activities: $139 vs. $204
  • Pool and club memberships: $121 vs. $246
  • Day camps: $219 vs. $433

All of this adds up, to the tune of more than $16.6 billion spent on children’s activities during the summer months alone.


If you have children, what activities are they involved in this summer?

Summer break costs families $16.6 billion
School is out for summer and parents are spending an average of $601 per child for summertime activities.