Do you have a question for President Obama about student debt?  This week, you can text the big man directly.  And as part of a campaign with, he will answer a question from one member each day this week.  

Here's how it works: 

Text PREZ to 38383 and submit a question about student debt that you want President Obama to answer. (Standard texting fees will apply.) Each day this week, Obama will pick one of those questions and answer it.  You'll get a text each day with his answer to the selected question.  Or you can also follow the dialogue all week on the DoSomething site. 

Yesterday, Obama was asked what he has done and what he plans to do to lower student debt and tuition.  Here was his response:

"We've expanded grants & tax credits, provided new options to manage debt and proposed incentives for colleges to keep costs down. More here: President Obama"
Student loans are a hot topic this week as the interest rates on federally-funded Stafford loans are set to double on July 1 unless Congress acts to prevent it.  The increase would affect roughly 7 million students across the country.  

Do you have a question on student loans that you want President Obama to answer?  

Text Obama with your questions on student debt
This week only, President Obama will answer one question on student loans every day via text.