The newest edition of the White House White Board features Stephanie Cutter, an Assistant to President Obama, discussing the costs of repealing health care reform legislation. In the video, she examines the cost of healthcare for a family of four with incomes ranging from $33,075 up to $99,225. The annual health insurance premiums range from $1,500 for the family of four making $33,075 to approximately $9,000 for the highest earner in the example. Without healthcare reform, families would pay an average of $11,000 per year for health insurance premiums.

I would not want to be in charge of the budget for that family of four that needs to dedicate a third of their gross income to health insurance premiums; the actual health care bills aren’t even factored into the equation. The U.S. House of Representatives is preparing to vote on a proposal to repeal health care reform even though it is unlikely that the legislation will pass in the Senate.

Photo: yomanimus/Flickr