Today is Pay It Forward Day 2012 — or PIFD for short — a day dedicated to the power of giving. According to the official Pay It Forward Day website, generous givers in more than 35 countries participated last year. If you missed out, now is your chance to get into the spirit of giving.


If you are in line at the local coffee shop, offer to pay for the customer behind you and see if that spirit of giving is contagious. By participating, you will be one of nearly 3 million people in 50 countries participating in PIFD 2012.


Other ways to pay it forward include:

  • Offering to pay for someone’s fuel-up at the gas station
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry
  • Pay for another passenger’s bus or metro ticket

Businesses can even get involved in paying it forward. Ideas suggested on the PIFD website include becoming a sponsor of PIFD, donating money to a local charity or hosting a contest between departments to see who can donate the most money to charity.


Are you planning to pay it forward today?


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Today is Pay It Forward Day
Do something special for a stranger today and encourage them to pay it forward.