Here it is Friday afternoon, just a few weeks before the dreaded debt ceiling deadline, and as of this writing no deal has been made. President Obama took to the airwaves again today to field more questions about the status of the debt ceiling talks.

One of the questions answered during the press conference focused on the possible extension of this year’s payroll tax cut as well as a possible extension of unemployment benefits.

“I think both would be good for the economy.  A payroll tax cut is something that has put a thousand dollars in the pocket of the typical American family over the last six, seven months and has helped offset some of the rising costs in gasoline and food.  And I think that American consumers and American businesses would benefit from a continuation of that tax cut next year."

"Unemployment insurance.  Obviously unemployment is still too high.  And there are a lot of folks out there who are doing everything they can to find a job, but the market is still tight out there.  And for us to make sure that they are able to stay in their homes, potentially, or they’re able to still support their families, I think is very important and contributes to the overall economy.” Source: The White House

Learn more about the debt ceiling discussions by watching the video above or reading the transcript of the news conference.

Photo: thisisbossi/Flickr

Watch: Obama's Friday conference on the debt ceiling
President Obama held another press conference to update the public on the debt ceiling talks.