President Obama has a plan for the money that was once used to fund the war in Afghanistan and he shared his plan during last week’s Presidential address. Obama is asking Congress to support his plan to use half of the money that was once used to fund the war and instead use it to pay down the nation’s debt. The other half of the money would be dedicated to rebuilding our nation so that our returning soldiers will have a more stable economy to return to.


“Because we’ve got more jobs to create.  More students to educate.  More clean energy to generate.  More entrepreneurs with the next great idea, just looking for their shot at success. We’ve got to invest in things like education and medical research.  We’ve got to build newer, faster transportation and communication networks.  And we’ve got to secure the care and benefits our veterans have earned, so that we serve them as well as they have served us.”


Photo: 316th ESC/Flickr