The election is over but that doesn’t mean the election drama is over. From Donald Trump demanding a revolution in a now-deleted tweet to the stock market taking a dive, the post-election drama is still going strong. Part of the stock market drama can be tied to the newly elected Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.


Warren, a consumer advocate, was part of the force behind the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Dodd-Frank banking reform act. Warren’s voice was strong then and now as a member of the Senate, it is only going to get stronger.


Personally, I think that the CFPB is only going to help the nation’s economy as it targets predatory lending and other shady banking practices that helped cause the whole economic mess in the first place. Kudos to Warren for standing up in support of Dodd-Frank and congratulations on her Senate race win.


Photo: sharonmg123/Flickr

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