If you’re a new college graduate then Michael Lewis, author of "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game," has one important piece of advice:take risks because there is no better time than now to shoot for the stars. During a 2010 commencement speech at Drew University, Lewis told graduates "The challenge I think for you today is to find what you love and do it before you figure out how much that love is going to cost you."


During this "Meet the Press" segment, Lewis goes on to explain that at age 25, he had a decision to make when he realized that the financial price of doing what he wanted seemed extremely high but he decided to go for it. Had he been 35, he doesn’t think he’d have made the same decision. So if you’re a young college grad, now’s the time to take a risk and just go for it.


Photo: B Rosen/Flickr

Watch: Today's grads should take risks
"Moneyball" author Michael Lewis encourages college graduates to go out and do something they love.