Did you know that if you pump a full tank of gas on a cold day and fill that same car up on a hot day that you aren’t pumping the same amount of gas? According to investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen, a car that can travel 500 miles on a full tank of gas filled up on a 60 degree day only goes 490 miles if pumped on a 90 degree day. This discrepancy is costing American drivers billions of dollars a year and believe it or not, something can be done about it.


Thanks to new technology, gas pumps can actually meter out the appropriate amount of gas based on the temperature. In fact, the vast majority of gas stations in Canada use pumps with this technology. Those of us here in the states aren’t as lucky, though. Thankfully tides may be turning thanks to multiple class action lawsuits filed over the past few years. One pending settlement would lead to Costco stations installing these special pumps at their warehouse club gas stations in warmer states, including my home state of Arizona.


Photo: futureatlas.com/Flickr

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