It’s an election year and that means exciting debates, loaded campaign promises and more. The nation’s economy has been slowly recovering over the past four years and so it should come as no surprise that the economy is a hot topic in this year’s Presidential election. If you’d like to find out more about how Republican front-runner Mitt Romney’s economic plan may affect you should he win, then take a few minutes and check out the articles and video highlighted below.


Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan in 5 Charts

If you’re a visual learner then the Center for American Progress has an article tailored to you. The organization presents Romney’s proposed tax plan in five easy-to-read charts. The charts focus on these central ideas:


  • More tax cuts to the rich than Bush’s tax plan
  • More tax cuts geared at the nation’s wealthiest individuals
  • The tax changes would not balance the budget
  • Middle class and working families would face a tax increase
  • Current corporate tax loopholes and breaks would remain

Romney’s Tax Plan Would Add $600 Billion to Deficit

The Center for American Progress isn’t the only outlet reporting that Romney’s economic plan would not balance the budget. A study conducted by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center reveals that the Presidential hopeful’s tax plan would add $600 billion to the deficit in 2015 alone.


Debating Romney’s Economic Plan

In an attempt to keep things fair and balanced, here’s a video from Fox News.

Weekend reads: Mitt Romney's economic plan and you
Find out how Mitt Romney's proposed economic plan would affect you should he win the 2012 Presidential election.