Catch up with some of this week’s hot topics in the world of personal finance.

Higher Prices for Consumer Goods

Higher gas prices hit your pocket book in more than one way. Sure, you pay more at the pump but you’ll also be paying more at the grocery store and even the mall. Higher fuel costs and an increase in the cost of raw materials are causing many companies to raise their prices. This article from looks at how a variety of products, from toilet paper to sneakers, will cost more in the coming months.

Natural Disasters and Your Finances

The ongoing situation in Japan likely has many people, myself included, thinking about how they would fare in a similar situation. While personal safety and health are the primary concerns immediately following a natural disaster, other issues also need to be addressed including insurance, legal documents and even access to cash or liquid funds. This Forbes Investopedia article will help you prepare your personal finances for a natural disaster.

Do You Talk to Your Kids About Money?

I know that money topics are often taboo but parents should really talk to their children about money. Of course this should all be done at an age-appropriate level and without providing undue stress on a child if you’re experiencing financial troubles, but there should definitely be an open line of communication about finances.

Personal finance guru David Bach tackles the topic in an interview for, “Money should not be a taboo subject."

Weekend reads: Personal finance edition
Grocery prices are on the rise, disaster-proof your finances and opening up to your kids about money.