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20 unique ways to save money

By: Laura Moss on Feb. 28, 2011, 11:25 a.m.
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Use the freezer

You may already be freezing leftovers to reheat, but the freezer isn't just for frozen food when you're being frugal. What else can you stick in there among the ice cubes?

Candles: Wax candles burn longer when they're frozen. This is especially good for taper candles, which tend to burn quickly.

Batteries: While freezing alkaline batteries extends their life by only 5 percent, storing nickel-metal hydride batteries in there can boost their life by 90 percent.

Seeds: There's a reason why the Doomsday Vault is located in an icy mountain — many seeds keep longer and germinate better when frozen.

Pantyhose: It may be strange to pull part of your outfit from the freezer, but hosiery is less likely to run when it's stored there.

Other food: In addition to popsicles and frozen pizza, you can also extend the shelf life of popcorn, spices and coffee when you keep them in the freezer.