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6 green ways to invest your income tax refund

By: Shea Gunther on April 18, 2011, 10:43 a.m.
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Green mutual fund

If you're looking at a nice fat return (at least $250) and just want to sock your money away in a place where it will grow, you might want to look at greener investing, aka socially responsible investing. Socially responsible investing, or SRI, is the act of investing your money in places where it does some good for the world in addition to gaining you a return. Corporations that get SRI investment dollars are the ones that work to minimize their environmental impact while taking care of their employees, their customers and the communities they impact.

You'll want to talk to a financial adviser to select the investment to buy into, but Pax World Mutual Funds, Calvert Investments, and Domini Social Investments are all respected in their field and good places to start.

Note: I am a decent ultimate Frisbee player and a pretty good green blogger. I am not an investment adviser. Before you decide to invest your money in any actual stocks, funds, or other financial instruments make sure you talk to an actual licensed investment adviserThe Social Investment Forum is another good place to begin your research.