When 20th Century Fox completed the installation of a 160-kilowatt rooftop solar array at its Century City studio complex last March, it was heralded as a step in the right direction for not just the company, but Hollywood in general. 


“This project is an important addition to Fox’s ongoing sustainability initiative, and we are very happy to be getting it started,” said Hal Haenal, senior vice president of Fox Studios Operations.


The system, installed by Solar Power, INC., clearly made an impression, as Fox has recently announced the addition of an even larger 230kW array. 


“This addition to our existing system more than doubles our onsite solar electricity generation capabilities and is a significant contribution to our ongoing sustainability initiative,” said Haenal. “We are very pleased with the results of the first system SPI developed for us and are happy to have them back to design and install the second phase of our onsite solar system.”


Once completed, the 390kW array will be one of the largest in the film industry, something SPI would like to help other Hollywood studios achieve.


“We are looking at other major motion picture studios that are looking to mitigate energy cost and those that are looking to grow their sustainability initiatives,” said Mike Anderson, vice president of marketing. “Solar generation becomes something they tend to look at pretty quickly. It makes economic sense and environmental sense.”

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20th Century Fox expands solar array
Movie studio will soon have one of the largest rooftop photovotaic systems in all of Hollywood.