Great customer service can make or break a company, especially in today’s social-media heavy world. A bad customer service experience can go viral within minutes on Twitter or Facebook, but we don’t always see great customer service stories make headlines. So, today I’m going to focus on the positive side of life and share three examples of great customer service.

Cruising in style with Disney

Gabriela and her family just returned from a Disney cruise and she was more than impressed by the cruise staff’s attention to detail and over-the-top customer service. Here are just a few of the comments that Gabriela shared with me:

  • “Long before you are welcomed aboard, you receive a customized booklet with everything you need - personalized luggage tags, summary of all the planned activities, onboard airline check-in, sailing itinerary and much more.”
  • “From the moment you walk into the ship, you are treated like kings and queens. The great quality of every little detail, the organization and the world-famous Disney service that lately is very difficult to find anywhere else made our trip an unforgettable vacation.”
  • “We had servers who were with us throughout the entire course of the cruise. Neu ( a lady from Thailand) and Darma ( a gentleman from Indonesia) were outstanding. Professional, courteous and with such a willingness to provide us with excellent service at every single interaction. Both (and the rest of the servers I observed) had a passion for their jobs. The truthfulness of the service they provided created such a strong bond with the guests that all of us felt sad to say goodbye.”
I know many families that have gone on a Disney cruise and I’ve never heard a negative word spoken about their experiences. This is good old-fashioned word of mouth advertising at its best, my friends all had a great time and if I were ever in the market for a cruise, I’d choose a Disney cruise.

Handwritten note to a pet owner

When was the last time you received a handwritten, personalized note from a company you did business with? I’m not talking about a local company, I almost expect this kind of stellar service from locally owned companies, I’m talking about a company with a national customer base. I don’t recall ever receiving such a note but after hearing about MNN Content Director Benyamin Cohen's experience with online pet retailer, I think I have a new business to support.

“ is the same price as the local pet store, and saves me the hassle of adding one more errand to my busy day. What's more, they seem to go overboard in their customer service -- overnighting things -- even for Saturday delivery -- at no additional cost. What really stunned me was a handwritten card they sent me thanking me for my order and asking how my dog -- which they named in the card - was enjoying the food. In 2013, to receive a handwritten thank you note from a national company really just blew me away.”

Honesty is the best policy

The final story today comes from my outdoors-loving father, Larry. My dad loves mountain biking and I’m not talking about nicely graded dirt trails, I’m talking about technical trails that are scary. After a recent ‘endo’ on his bike, he discovered that with REI, honesty is the best policy. For those that don’t know what an endo is, it is short for ‘end over end’ and that means that my dad flew over the handlebars in a pretty gnarly wipeout.

"One episode was with my Cat-eye odometer for my bike. I did a complete endo and shattered my Cat eye. I called REI and looking for a place to send it in for replacement. I told them I endo'ed and totally wiped it out. The customer service told me that they don't  usually hear the true story and to come on by and they would replace it free of charge. This is a $50 item that was destroyed by my inability to keep my mountain bike in the upright position. They do have a satisfaction guaranteed or bring it back policy but this went way beyond that."

Customer service is still king in the business world. Do you have a great customer service story to share?

3 great customer service stories
Over-the-top service on a Disney cruise, a handwritten note from and an honesty-loving rep from REI.