The Coca-Cola Company is expanding upon the work it has done with the PlantBottle, a PET bottle made partially from plant-based plastics, with the creation of the Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC). Ford, Heinz, Nike and Procter & Gamble are joining Coca-Cola in the PTC, which is on a mission to develop a 100 percent plant-based PET product.


Although this sounds like an odd collection of companies, each company already uses PET plastics in their product line. Coca-Cola has the PlantBottle and Heinz has licensed this technology for use in ketchup bottles in both the United States and in Canada.


Ford Motor Company uses PET plastic in its automobile interiors. For example, a new Ford Focus Electric uses the equivalent of 22 recycled PET plastic bottles in its interior seating.


In 2011, Nike used approximately 440 million PET bottles as part of its efforts to expand the use of recycled polyester in its products. The recycled material is used to make track uniforms, basketball shorts, football jerseys and other high performance clothing.


Lastly, Procter & Gamble uses PET in many of its packaging products. Although all five of these companies are already using PET, they are spearheading a campaign to develop a 100 percent plant-based PET product, further reducing the environmental impact of the plastic.

5 companies team up on PET plastic project
The Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC) will advance the development of PET plastics.