Two Christmas tree lots in San Diego are going to be a little greener this year by harnessing the power of the sun. Stellar Solar’s Mobile Solar Station is powering two Purdy Farms lots this holiday season. Green energy for these iconic evergreens, I love it!

The Mobile Solar Station will be responsible for powering the lot’s CFL lights and electric chainsaws needed to trim the trees for customers. Energy-efficient lighting and non-polluting chainsaws are a perfect addition to this solar-powered Christmas tree lot.

"When Stellar Solar offered to help power our lots, we thought it was a great idea," said Michael Purdy of Purdy Tree Farms. "We use sustainable farming practices on our farms in Oregon and have moved towards making our lots even more environmentally friendly with CFL lights and electric chainsaws. Having the lot powered with solar panels just takes that even further, and it's a great-looking addition to our lot."

If you’re in the San Diego, Calif., area and want to check out these solar-powered Christmas tree lots, visit the Purdy Farms website for location information.

A solar-powered Christmas tree lot
Two San Diego Christmas tree lots are going to be a little greener this year thanks to mobile solar stations.