America Recycles Day is Nov. 15, 2010, and businesses are getting involved. America Recycles Day began in 1997 as a way to highlight the importance of recycling by consumers and businesses. Organized by Keep America Beautiful, the theme for America Recycles Day 2010 is “I Recycle,” and Americans are encouraged to pledge to recycle on Nov. 15, share the importance of recycling with friends and coworkers and even start a new recycling habit for the other 364 days of the year.


Although consumers are encouraged to pledge to recycle, everyone is getting in on the eco-friendly festivities. Here are a few examples of how companies and organizations are using recycling to enhance their sustainable business models.


Alcoa Foundation

The Alcoa Foundation is launching a new Download to Donate initiative on America Recycles Day. For every free Aluminate recycling app downloaded between Nov. 15, 2010 and Jan. 23, 2011, the Alcoa Foundation will donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful up to a total of $50,000.


The app lets you keep track of how much money you’ve made by recycling aluminum cans, find a nearby aluminum can recycling center, form can recycling teams and more. It might be fun for business owners to challenge their employees to a can recycling competition and use Aluminate to track their progress.


American Chemistry Council

Companies in the plastics industry that are part of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) have collected 45 tons of plastic in recycling bins located along California’s coastline. By simply being there, these recycling bins encourage beach goers to recycle their plastic, which prevents the waste from ending up in the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.


Covanta Energy

Covanta Energy is also encouraging consumers to reuse or recycle their e-waste on America Recycles Day. E-waste isn’t limited to just computers; it also includes cell phones, iPods and other portable audio devices, DVD players and more. If your electronic product hasn’t reached its end of life but you’re ready to upgrade to a new one, donate it to a local organization.


If the product is not reusable, find a local e-waste recycling center and drop it off. Thankfully this could be as simple as heading to your local big box store, like Walmart or Target, and drop them off in one of the recycling bins. To get into the spirit of America Recycles Day, check with your coworkers to see if they have any products that they need to be recycled and save them a trip to the recycling center.



On America Recycles Day 2010, Dell wants you to think about how you’ll dispose of your old computer before you buy a new one. This goes for consumers and business owners. Dell offers its customers two convenient ways to recycle their old computers: drop off Dell products for free at the local Staples store or contact FedEx for a free pickup.


If you don’t own a Dell computer, the company encourages you to recycle your old technology before you buy something new. You can donate your computer to Goodwill Reconnect or the National Cristina Foundation or trade it in though the program.




MillerCoors is continuing its focus on achieving zero landfill waste status at its breweries through a comprehensive company-wide recycling program. The company has already reached this goal at three of its breweries: Trenton, Ohio; Shenandoah, Va.; and Irwindale, Calif.


Overall, the company is diverting more than 99 percent of its brewery waste from local landfills. Glass, paper, plastics, metals and brewery byproducts are recycled or reused onsite at breweries across the nation.




Today, RecycleBank announced a goal of adding 2 million additional people to its green rewards program by America Recycles Day 2011. To help meet this goal, the organization has partnered with several companies.


RecycleBank and MillerCoors have joined forces to improve glass recycling rates among consumers. The organization has also partnered with Nature Made to increase plastic recycling, with Kashi to increase paper recycling, with LeapFrog to increase electronics recycling and with the Friskies and Fancy Feast brands to increase metal recycling by consumers.


“America Recycles Day is the perfect time to remember how important it is to not just recycle, but to recycle right,” said RecycleBank President Matthew Tucker. “Recycling saves natural resources, energy in manufacturing, and reduces the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill — and recycling has an even bigger impact when it’s done well. We want two million people to join RecycleBank over the next year, so we can help motivate everyone to not only recycle, but to recycle right.”


These are just a few ways that businesses and organizations are spreading the word about recycling. What is your business doing for America Recycles Day?

America Recycles Day 2010
See what some businesses are doing in support of America Recycles Day on November 15, 2010.