AT&T is expanding its green energy portfolio with the planned addition of 9.6 megawatts of fuel cell power. Bloom Energy’s Bloom Boxes will generate the clean energy, which will bring AT&T’s total Bloom Energy portfolio to 17.1MW of clean power generation.


After the full 17.1MW are up and running, the systems will produce more than 149 million kWh of electricity per year, which is enough electricity to provide power to more than 13,680 homes annually.


The new Bloom Boxes will be installed at AT&T sites in California and Connecticut. Once the installations have been completed, AT&T will be Bloom Energy’s largest non-utility customer.


“A key differentiator for fuel cells compared to other forms of alternative power is that fuel cell electricity production is virtually constant,” explained John Schinter, AT&T’s senior energy director. “They provide steady recurring electricity production at a relatively predictable cost, replacing the traditional electricity bill, which can be volatile.” 


In addition to the Bloom Energy installation, AT&T’s energy management portfolio includes 3.9MW of solar power installations, an expanding green fleet and a comprehensive company-wide energy efficiency plan.


AT&T adding 9.6MW of fuel cell power
The telecommunications company will be Bloom Energy's largest non-utility customer.