AT&T published its 2011 Sustainability Report and the company is taking sustainability reporting to a new level. The 2011 AT&T Sustainability Report is not only entirely online but it also includes interactive features that engage the viewer.


At its core, the website is still a sustainability report and that means that AT&T has gathered environmental data from the previous year and combined it with the company’s goals for the future.


Highlights from the 2011 AT&T Sustainability Report include:


  • 4,500 energy efficiency projects have led to an annualized savings of $42 million
  • Extension of the AT&T Aspire education initiative
  • Introduction of new plastic packaging that consists of up to 30 percent plant-based material
  • More than 17,000 AT&T telecommuters save approximately 8.7 million gallons of gas annually
  • Over $1.1 million was donated to disaster relief organizations in 2011
  • Expanded green fleet to include more than 5,000 alternative fuel vehicles by the end of 2011

AT&T sustainability and social goals for 2012 include raising awareness and providing resources to military families, expansion of the AT&T green fleet, increase alternative energy installations by 5MW, and launch an eco-rating system to help aide consumers in their wireless device purchases.


While reading through the report, viewers will have the opportunity to answer questions about the data in the sustainability report. Although the idea of a quiz on a corporate sustainability report may sound odd, it is really for a good cause. Answering the question will allow the report viewer to choose one of three charities and AT&T will then make a donation to the chosen nonprofit organization.


“By putting consumers in the driver’s seat of this year’s sustainability report, we’re doing more than just sharing with them the significant results we’ve seen from our multi-year investments. We’re empowering them to live more sustainable lives, encouraging them to share this knowledge and enabling them to support nonprofits though,” said Charlene Lake, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President-Public Affairs.


Learn more about AT&T’s 2011 environmental achievements and keep an eye out for your chance to direct a nonprofit donation by visiting the 2011 AT&T Interactive Sustainability Report website.


AT&T publishes interactive, online sustainability report
The company's 2011 sustainability report is available, in its entirety, online.