AT&T officially released its 2010 Sustainability Report earlier this week and last year was a great year for the company’s eco-focused programs. The company worked to reduce its environmental footprint in several ways including implementing or continuing thousands of energy efficiency projects and expanding the AT&T green fleet.

Highlights from the report include:

  • $44 million in annualized energy savings thanks to more than 4,000 energy savings projects
  • Reducing energy use to 418 kWh/terabyte of data, a 16.6 percent reduction from the previous year
  • Eliminating the need for more than one million gallons of gasoline due to its compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet
  • Establishing AT&T’s water footprint with a plan to reduce water use thanks to a collaboration with students at Vanderbilt University and the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program
  • Philanthropic donations topped $148 million
  • $600 million invested in the Network Disaster Recovery program for disaster relief efforts
  • AT&T’s green fleet grew from 970 total vehicles in 2009 to 3,487 in 2010 – 2,472 CNG vehicles, 1,013 hybrids and two EVs
AT&T’s 2011 sustainability goals include reaching a total of 86,000 students in the Job Shadow program, replacing the AT&T Fan Zone Tour tractor with a bio-diesel model and adding energy goals to all of the company’s Corporate Real Estate management employees performance review scorecards.

For more information about the company’s environmental programs, download AT&T’s 2010 Sustainability Report (PDF).

AT&T releases 2010 sustainability report
2010 was a banner year for AT&T's sustainability efforts.